Can we file?

My wife and I both work in the financal sector. She is with one of the Top 5 Banks in Canada and I am with the Provincial Government. My question is this: Can we file a consumer proposal and still keep out jobs? We owe around $115,000.00 and want to pay it back but there is too little going to too many places. We just bought a home and have about $35,000.00 in equity but that is it. We liquidated all other assests and now we are feeling the crunch. Please advise.

One Response to “Can we file?”

A licensed trustee said...

You sound like excellent candidates for a proposal to creditors. To determine if filing will have any impact on either of your jobs (which I think is unlikely) you’ll need to speak to someone in your respective HR departments. You can’t be let go simply becuase you have filed a proposal, but there may be some restrictions on your worki activities depending on what exactly it is that each of you do.