CN Tower

Situated at 301 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, The CN Tower is 553 meters tall and can be seen from almost anywhere in Toronto, ON. It is an iconic landmark of Canada that everyone must see when they visit this great city.

The CN Tower is a must-see for any visitor to Toronto. From the ground, you can simply enjoy standing in front of this iconic building and taking it all in; but if your legs aren’t long enough or if there are other things on their list that require attention first (like eating), then head up into one of these observation areas which offer fabulous views over everything from Lake Ontario down through city lights at night.

The CN Tower is a famous landmark in Toronto. It was built between 1972 and 1976, which made it at one point the tallest freestanding structure in the World. But with time, some new rivals who are now taller than this great site have been built.

Visitors can enjoy some of the most amazing views in Ontario from up here. From its Sky Pod, which is 447 meters above ground and has an area with a panoramic view extending all the way to Niagara Falls or New York State on clear days, you are supposed to take two elevators for this experience.

The LookOut level at 346 meters features floor to ceiling windows and the new Glass Floor, which gives you an overlook of everything below in downtown Toronto. You can even sit down on this terrace with your drinks, watching all those lights dance to their own tune.

The Edge Walk is a unique experience for those who want to take their adventure up another level. You’ll be attached by a safety harness and rope, walking on the outside edge at an elevation of 365 meters with nothing but open space around you. The Edge Walk is an experience that will make you feel like part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll be walking on a 1-inch wide ledge around the outside edge at 365 meters high, attached only by your safety harness.

The revolving 360 Restaurant is located at 351 meters inside of the CN Tower and offers guests some of Toronto’s best views. Visitors can enjoy fine dining while also receiving complimentary access to Glass Floor and LookOut levels for viewing from their table. The best way to explore Toronto is by basing yourself in the city centre, preferably near CN Tower.

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