Centre Island, Toronto, ON

Centre Island is a neighbourhood in Toronto, ON. It’s 2.9 km away from Toronto, Ontario, and is home to an estimated 356 people. Centre Island is a picturesque Toronto neighbourhood with everything you need for your daily living and commute, including restaurants and shops on its main street.

Centre Island is a great place to live. It has the 4th  best ranking in Toronto and 494th  out of Ontario’s many neighbourhoods, making it 99% better than its surrounding areas.

The cost of living in Centre Island, Toronto, ON, is 10% lower than the average for all cities within Toronto and 1% higher than national rates too. Furthermore, homes are 19% cheaper than the national average, making this prestigious area a very affordable neighbourhood to live in.

Centre Island is a safe haven for families to live in. The crime rate there has been shown by statistics from across Canada, as well as local police departments themselves, who report that residents deal with 35% fewer criminals than average Canadians do. Violent crimes are 32% less frequent too. Centre Island is one of the safest places to live in Ontario. There you have a 1-in 37 chance that a crime will be committed against you, but don’t worry because it’s equally as secure as other cities around.

Centre Island is a haven for those living here, with the median household income in this neighbourhood reaching 41% higher than that of other Canadian households. Additionally, the residents’ unemployment rates are 53% lower when compared to nationwide averages – making this community an ideal place indeed. In Centre Island, 3% of its residents earn less than $20,000 annually while 13.0% of people earn between $80,000 and $100,000. Additionally, 5.3% of people residing here earn $300,000 or more annually.

The school test scores in the Centre Island neighbourhood are 28% higher than the national average, showing how very well educated residents of this area are. 94.6% have completed high school. Centre Island has a reputation for being one of the most educated areas in Canada. Additionally, 49.9% of people living on Centre Island have completed a bachelor’s degree. However, only 5% of the residents don’t have a certificate, diploma or degree.

The Centre Island real estate market is a steal compared to most towns, with property prices reflecting 32% less than the Toronto average while rental units are just as affordable.

The population density here measures just 97%  lower than Toronto; hence you don’t have to worry about overpopulation. The median age in this neighbourhood also happens to be 45% higher than other nearby areas in Toronto.

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