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  Ontario Government Releases a New Debt Settlement Law for 2015 “The Ontario Government has given life to a new creature, a hybrid category of debt settlement provider—one legally entitled to offer debt settlement services and to provide third party collection services. This creation, which will in the same breath act in the best interests […]

This article covers several strategies for dealing with overwhelming consumer debt. How common is this problem? In 2018 alone, over 125,000 Canadian consumers filed for either bankruptcy or consumer proposal. That’s enough people to fill a small city! Rest assured that, like you, these were honest people who found the payments on their credit accounts […]

You are having problems paying your bills, and you’re interested in eliminating your debt without resorting to personal bankruptcy. You are worried, because you can no longer deal with your debt situation by borrowing additional monies. If you find yourself in this position, there are three initial options to consider: credit counselling, settling your debt […]

You might find yourself in a position where you are facing serious financial challenges. You might be unable to make your mortgage payments or you are not able to keep up with your payments on your credit cards, line of credit or student loans. Consumers have nine debt relief options for eliminating their debt, although […]

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious financial decision to make. It is important that those considering filing are sure that bankruptcy is the best option available. Your very first step should be to find a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to help evaluate your current situation and discuss all possible options. Below are a few big reasons […]

Not all debt is created equal. Your debts fall into one of two categories: secured or unsecured. Whether you are struggling to keep up with your bills, or considering personal bankruptcy or consumer proposal, the distinction between secured debt and unsecured debt can be critical. What is secured debt? A secured debt is one for […]

On August 26, 2014, Yahoo Canada! posted a Money Minute video titled “The secret to getting debt collectors off your back” in which Mark Silverthorn, lawyer, and author of The Wolf At The Door:  What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling, was interviewed by Ashleigh Patterson, Senior Finance Editor. Under what circumstances can collection […]

It’s payday, and you notice that your paycheque is significantly smaller than usual. You speak to the person in charge of payroll at your firm and find out that your employer has received a garnishment notice from the court with respect to your wages. You are upset, confused and not sure what to do next! […]

By Mark Silverthorn – Former Collection Lawyer and Collection Industry Insider You may be very upset because you are receiving collection calls! If these calls are made at your workplace they can cause you a tremendous amount of grief, particularly if the bill collector speaks to a receptionist, fellow employee, or supervisor. Collection calls at […]

Debt collection Lawyers
Debt collection Lawyers

You might owe money to creditors and are receiving collection calls — at home, at work, and on your cell phone. It is quite common for a consumer with one debt to get collection calls from multiple sources over the space of a few days. The fact that you might be receiving collection calls from […]

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