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Credit Repair

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I have recently completed a consumer proposal (8 months ago) and I am in the process of rebuilding my credit. (I currently have a secured credit card) but I would like to purchase a car. Would it be better for me to wait until i have 1 solid year of credit history with my credit […]

Are you able to provide a link or list of banks that will grant a secured Visa or Mastercard. Also a list of banks who will be helpful after discharge from first time bankruptcy. I want to repair my credit right away. Thank you.

I was discharged last April and I plan to rent an apartment in May 2007. I don\’t want to have a co-signer and I have been taking steps to repair my history: fixed inaccurate credit reports with all three credit bureau\’s, I have an RRSP, and I have two secure credit cards. Are there any […]

how long do credit bureaus keep a consumer proposal on record, and can this be repaired

I am about to be discharged from my bankruptcy (next month). I have credit card from Paypal, that is actually more like a debit card – I can only spend what is actually in my Paypal account, nothing more. But the card is a Mastercard and can be used anywhere that a credit card can […]

I have an illness that has affected me over the years-I had to claim bankruptcy over 10 years ago and have had a struggle getting back on my feet. I would like to repair my credit over time but I have absolutely no idea of how to go about it. The frustrations of bad credit […]

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