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can i still build my credit up after discharge during the seven year wait ? Posted from: Ontario

I declared bankruptcy in april 2007. Its been 4 years since. i was discharge after 2 years. I want to try and restart my credit again. if I get a secured deposit credit card, will it help me at the credit bureau, or does it not make a difference for 7 years anyway? Also, would […]

I am separated from spouses; however we have high debt on credit card. If I close account, will this stop interest from compounding. We will try and make minimal payments to debt but the interest is too much. Posted from: British Columbia

During the time of bankruptcy, is a person allowed to have a secured credit card? Not prepaid, but secured. Posted from: Ontario

I had 3 creditors included in my bankruptcy. My bankruptcy has been cleared from my credit report (more than 6 years since discharge). I just got a copy of my credit report and one of my creditors is still reporting every month – it does have a note “included in bankruptcy”. Should this not have […]


February 9th, 2011 by Questions

My proposal was accepted Dec 2009. I am repaying $500/ month for about the next 6 years. recently in the bank i was told that my financing and mortgaging options were limited since \”you filed bankruptcy for over $300,000\”. How do i go about setting the record straight with the Bureau, and open more financial […]

Hi Is it possible for me to get a (Free) credit report from the Credit Unions, Equifax and Trans Union as I do not have a Credit Card or a whole lot of money? I have already sent them my discharge Certificate and I would like to know my credit status. `Free` Thanks for you […]

I am eligable to claim bankruptcy but would prefer not to, I have 2 vehicles that had been repossessed so owe over $20,000 on them, I want to rebuild my credit and was told if I set up a payment plan where I even paid $50 a month my credit score would build so long […]

After having an R7 rating, it will take 3 year to clear from my credit report? How can I rebuilt my credit from an R7 rating? How soon can I apply for credit cards again to rebuilt my credit? Posted from: Ontario

I found out that my credit score is very bad, but I have no balance on my card now. How do I repair my credit so it won`t hinder any of my application(mortgage). How long does it take before you are back in the good books? Posted from: Ontario

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