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Cost of Bankruptcy: Questions & Answers

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I get paid bi-weekly and bring home under the allotted $2500/month. Four times a year I get paid more due to a wage grant. Does this automatically put me in the surplus income category (paying for 21 months) or can I pay $175/month for 9 months and submit half of the grant money when I […]

I went to see a consultant today… I owe just under $25,000….Not enough income to pay all the bills. They told me I would pay $250. right away. Then $150 for 9 months. Then the govt would keep my 2013 gst and any refund from next year. I always heard that it was aflat $1000. […]

Hi. I claimed bankruptcy in late November. My post bankruptcy tax return left me with a debt owing for income taxes. Can you please explain to me why I can’t use the amount that I have paid as a surplus income adjustment? If it had been a return it would have been considered income. I’ve […]

I already payed fees for my bankruptcy, how much should I pay surpose for creditors Posted from: Ontario

I got myself into a lot of debt and was wondering how bankruptcy works and how much it costs. I ow 40,000 in credit card bills bank line of credit and a ford credit automobile loan of around 40,000 Posted from: Alberta

I have a few thousand dollars saved in a TFSA, will that be seized, or paid to the trustee if I declare bankruptcy? Posted from: Alberta

we are 40 grand in debt and now he has lost his job..we were already behind on some payments but now we can not pay any. How much does it cost to file and how much are we expected to repay on the debts? Posted from: Ontario

why do I not recieve my GST returns for this year, when I haven’t finished the bankruptcy? Posted from: Ontario

I have no alternative to go bankrupt as I am no longer working and have debts close to $50,000. I am only getting a small pension each month and will be applying for a disability amount with the BC government which will just cover my monthly bills e.g.. rent, food, transportation. I am not able […]

My girlfriend had to claim bankruptcy as a result of large debts related to her former marriage. Even though we are both only separated from our former spouses, the Bankruptcy company insists that my wages and financial postion become part of the equation and are now looking to significantly increase her payments as a result. […]

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