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Cost of Bankruptcy: Questions & Answers

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Looking to claim bankruptcy. However, I am now unemployed with no income coming in. My spouse is supporting the household. Is his income considered my income if I file? The debt is all my own, none of it is joint with my spouse. However, the amount is less than ten thousand – is there a […]

I have no income. I have no money in the bank. My home is in foreclosure. My wife is divorcing me. I have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. What does it cost to file?

How much would a trustee cost with me having no assets, not being able to work and receiving monthly $1200 income from the government?

Hello there, What is the amount I need to pay a monthly payment to the trustee? Thank you.

What is the monthly fee for declaring bankruptcy, as well as the overall cost for a 9 month period? Does 200 dollars per month include court hearing and everything else that is necessary. What would be approximate cost for someone that has no or minimum income. Is it possible to pay 1,800 in full and […]

I filed for bankruptcy in Jan 2014. I was told that due to my income my payments would be $550.00 a month. I was living in northern Canada at the time and my cost of living was low. Shortly after, I had to move down to the coast for my job and my cost of […]

Hello, Wondering when you file bankruptcy do you report your income for the month you filed if its already mid month. Reason I ask is because before we filed we had two paychecks out of 3 for the month of January and now upon getting our surplus income calculation sheet we noticed they included the […]

I claimed bankruptcy as I became a widower complete broke with 3 children. My bankruptcy stated that I would have to pay a sum of $ 200.00 a month for a period of 9 months. After 4 months, I got a job and now my bankruptcy corporation want to take much more money from me […]

Will any debt owed to Service Canada, Revenue Canada and Child tax credit be included if I file for bankruptcy? Posted from: Newfoundland and Labrador

My sister-in-law has moved in with us. Her husband ran up an overdraft of about$3000 on a joint bank account before being declared mentally incompetent and placed on disability and under the public trustee. Now the bank are harassing her almost daily. She has no assets and no income other than $300 a month CPP […]

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