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Consumer Proposals: Negotiate with Your Creditors and Avoid Bankruptcy

Consumer Proposals are a way to negotiate with your creditors to pay off a portion of your debt, and an effective way to avoid bankruptcy. Here you can find answers to your specific questions about Consumer Proposals – the most often opted for bankruptcy alternative.

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Most Recent ‘Consumer Proposals’ Posts

We have a little over a year left to complete the payments of a 5yr. proposal. We want to sell our house and downsize. When I approached the bank (that holds our current mortgage) to see if they would “port” it over to the new property, the woman said that because this bank was one […]

I filed a consumer proposal May 2005 and my term is until May 2007. Will it be almost impossible for me to lease a car now that I have on record that I filed a consumer proposal? I filled out a credit application at a car dealership with the intent of having a strong co-signer […]

I have no student loans now. I need to file a proposal soon. But, I am going back to school and will be getting the loan before the proposal is made. What are the implications?

my common law husband and i are considering a consumer proposal due to our financial problems. before we begin this i have just a couple of questions…..was wondering if anyone can answer these. will we have the chance of losing our home if we do this? How can we be sure that we don\’t? we […]

One of my friends went to a trustee to deal with outstanding debt and owed over $32000 in debt and only had to pay back $3200 in a proposal. These cash settlements are they common and would I be eligible for it when I have over $18000 in debt I am trying to deal with […]

I\’ve run in to some financial difficulties in the past and I\’m considering filing a consumer proposal. My question is will this affect my ability to hold certain jobs. I am currently enrolled in an Accounting program and would be interested in pursuing a career in the financial industry. If there is in fact restrictions, […]

If you file a consumer proposal vs bankruptcy and you complete the proposal. When you are ask the question have you filed bankruptcy in the past seven years would you answer yes or no.A lot of credit application ask this question.They keep on saying to avoid bankruptcy file a proposal,but is a proposal considered the […]

We have been in a consumer proposal for 8 months and are having difficulty maintaining our monthly payment. Is bankruptcy an option? If so, what happens to the consumer proposal that we have currently?

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