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Taking advantage of the expiry of a limitation period on certain debt

If you owe monies to an unsecured consumer creditor and that creditor does not sue you before the expiry of the relevant limitation period on certain debt in your province then you will be in a position where you can choose not to pay a penny to that creditor.  It is important to remember that […]

Ten Ways To Make Yourself “Creditor Proof”

Unsecured creditors can find it difficult to recover monies from people who owe them money.  Did you know that it is possible for your creditor to sue you, obtain a judgment against you, and then never collect a penny from you despite the fact that it has obtained a judgment against you? Ten Perfectly Legal […]

Strategies for improving your monthly cash flow

One of the key concepts in avoiding debt is maintaining positive cash flow.  Your household has a positive cash flow where in a given month its total revenues is greater than its total expenses.  Similarly, your household will be in a negative cash flow position where in a given month its total expenses are greater […]

Strategies for raising cash to pay down your debt

There are two basic strategies for raising cash that can be used in connection with resolving your debt situation: Selling some of your assets Borrowing monies from family and friends Raising cash by selling some of your assets Some, but not all, Canadians facing significant debt problems are in a position to substantially improve their […]