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June 9th, 2007 by Questions

When living in Nova Scotia in the early 1990s I had a small used car dealership and did not pay the tax on the company. It is now 15 plus years later and they now are asking for repayment plus interest. I now live in Alberta last 12 years. Are they still able to sue or collect this outstanding amount. They did put a judgement against me 10 plus tears ago so they informed me. Can they still collect and or sue or ganishee my wages etc. Thank You Wayne


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, Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said:

Tax debt doesn’t die as long as the tax department makes minimal efforts to collect over the years, and registering a judgment suggests they have.

As a result it is likely you will owe them a significant amount when you factor in the interst and penalties over the last 12 years. As a result you are best to contact a local trustee who can help you develop a plan to deal with these outstanding debts.

However, you must be careful as only certain types of tax debt will you be responsible for personally (GST, PST and payroll remittances) if the debt in question relates to corporate tax you may not have to be concenred. Regardless if you discuss the details of the business and the respective debt with a local trustee they will be able to help you determine what you would be responsible for.

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