Future employment issues

March 19th, 2007 by Questions

Most of my work experience has been with major banks and mutual fund companies. I’ll be applying for a job with another bank in the next few months.

In the past, employers have often asked for permission to access my credit bureau report. If I file for bankruptcy, will they not hire me? Would they be concerned mainly about the period before I’m discharged (9 months), or would they not want to hire me until the bankruptcy no longer showed on my credit bureau (7 years)?

Also, would a bank never want to hire me again if they were one of the creditors I defaulted on?



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, Barton Goth, GCO, Bankruptcy Trustees said:

This is really dependent on who is your employer. I haven’t heard of many employers who refuse to hire or would release an existing employee as a result of poor credit history, but this is really up to them. As each employer is entitled to set their own internal policies and requirements surrounding employment it may be more appropriate to discuss this with your current employer, or any of the potential employers you are referring to.
However, you did mention the bank. While I don’t have any direct experience with the bank I have heard of a few occasions where they would not consider the hiring of new employees who have been in bankruptcy. Whether this is consistent among all banks or particular to a few is something that I simply cannot say.

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