After Bankruptcy discharged

September 21st, 2006 by Questions

September 21 2006
I am disputing an amount owing to MSP before December 31 2003 the date of my bankruptcy discharge. I did not receive a bill from MSP disclosing any amount previous to 2006, and they did have my address. Because MSP is a government collections agency can they ignore the Bankruptcy discharge? The amount is excessive, and because I have no credit I cannot pay the amount owing. Do I have to hire a lawyer to assist me?, as MSP is threatening to garnish wages, bank accounts, and get a court order.


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, Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said:

MSP, nor any other government collection agency is exempt from a discharge unless they hold a debt that survives the bankruptcy (i.e. alimony maintenance, fines or penalties relating to criminal or quasi criminal charges, fraud, misrepresentation…). As long as the debt is cleared by the bankruptcy the key issue becomes whether or not you informed your trustee of this creditor. If you did, you are cleared from the full balance and if not you may be responsible to provide this creditor with the same amount of money they would have recovered had they been informed. As to wheter or not a lawyer is necessary, discuss this with your trustee as he will be more familiar with the specifics and therefore in a much better position to determine if it is necessary or not.

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