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August 10th, 2006 by Questions

Awhile back I borrowed from a finance company that took household goods as security. Even though I included this loan in my bankruptcy I have been informed that a)I have to fulfil the obligation or b)surrender my household goods. The trustee forwarded a letter to the finance company telling them they have no interest in my housegoods and to contact me for arrangements. This finance Company has only seen fit to contact me at my place of employment, which unfortunately is a major bank. Up until today their means of contact were by explicit messages in my voicemail. Today they actually show up at my place of work. I was furoius, there has been no attempt what so ever to contact me at my residence. Do I have recourse. I am sorely attempted to sue them for harrassment. My understanding was that a creditor could until confirm employment with an employer as opposed to using collection tactics. Probably to full of myself but I still believe that I am entitled to my privacy. Any comments.


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, A licensed trustee said:

Contact a lawyer – as bankruptcy trustees we are not qualified to offer legal advice/opinions on Canada’s privacy laws. I’m sorry, but your problem is beyond our area of expertise.

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