Filing Bankruptcy for a Non Canadian

August 1st, 2006 by Questions

I’m not a Canadian citizen. I’m a failure refugee claiment here. Right now I’m staying here on Humanitarian and compassionate ground. I tried to open up a business in partnership with someone I know. But, he cheated me.I gave him the money from my credit card and right now he doesn’t wanna pay me back. He even denies that I have ever given him any money. It’s a lot of money for me. It’s around $40,000. Last few months I paid the bills from the credit card. But now I lost my job and it’s very hard for me to pay the bills. I don’t even have enough money to pay for my rent and food. Is there anything I can do ? If not Is it possible for me to file bankruptcy in Toronto ? I would really appreciate if u could help me out. Thank you kindly.


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, Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said:

You are eligible to file a bankruptcy in Canada, as long as you;
1. Reside, own property, or carry on business in Canada;
2. Owe more than $1000;
3. Are unable to pay your debts as they generally become due; and
4. The total resale value of all your property is insufficient to pay all your debts in full.
To do this you need to contact a licensed trustee, schedule a time, and they will be able to advise you of any additional options available in your province and whether or not a bankruptcy is something that will fit your situation.

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