How much can the public find out?

March 13th, 2006 by Questions

I would like to know how much access a person can access regarding my personal bankruptcy?


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, A licensed trustee said:

The act of filing bankruptcy is a legal procedure and therefore not “private”. If someone calls your trustee and says that they are one of your creditors then your trustee is obliged to send them a copy of your Statement of Affairs – this is the basic document you signed that details what you own, who you owe, etc…

You may think is unfair, but keep in mind the process of filing bankruptcy is designed to treat all of your creditors equally. There have been cases were individuals that have filed bankruptcy have not listed all of their creditors (such as family or friends) because they didn’t want them to know and/or they figured they could just keep paying those people. Unfortunately, you can’t. If you file an assignment in bankruptcy everyone that you owe has to be treated the same way and therefore anyone who claims that you owe them money will receive the same information.

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