Bankrupsy to Get Out of Court Cost Debts

October 6th, 2005 by Questions

My x husband has filed bankrupsy once in canada and at least once in ohio and he is trying to do it again in ontario. He is 45 years old. The Family Responsibility Office has been taking him to court for arrears in child support and he is filling bankrupsy to try to get out of it. This is a pattern and he has lied on the documentation with regards to how many times he has been bankrupt and the extent of his bankrupsy. My costs awards have been deemed to be deducted as if they were child support as well however no one is willing to take a position on this. the Judge is saying that the Family Responsibility office is to find out and the family responsibility office said it is up to the judge to find out if this debt can be cleard in a bankrupsy. Please provide me some assistance. Can Court Cost to be deducted as if they were child support be wipped away in a bankrupsy and who’s responsibility is it to fight against it?


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, A licensed trustee said:

Court ordered support payments are not discharged in a bankruptcy. If the Court awards costs as part of support, they are not discharged in a bankruptcy. If you have concerns about your ex-husband’s bankruptcy, you should contact his trustee. Your lawyer should also be consulted.

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