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I recently met with a trustee in Vancouver who told me the price of declaring personal bankruptcy. I was told it was a set price. My depleting monthly income was not taken in to consideration. Do i meet with another firm to see if the price is different or is there a set minimum amount that cannot be challenged?
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, A licensed trustee said:

I cannot tell you what the cost of filing bankruptcy in Vancouver is – it depends on the size of your family, your income and the things that you own.

If you are concerned that the trustee you saw may be “over charging” you for the service you may want to call another trustee in the area to confirm the rates. In my experience, all of the trustees in a local area have payment terms that are basically similar, taking into account your ability to pay and the length of the procedure.

Bankruptcy is a complicated legal procedure and there are costs associated with filing. You must decide for yourself if the cost of filing is justified based on the benefit you will receive. If you are uncertain what I mean by this I suggest you ask the trustee you originally saw to explain it to you. If you are not comfortable with the explanation you may want to seek help elsewhere.

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