banking records 12 years after bankruptcy

July 12th, 2005 by Questions

I have concerns that I went bankrupt in 1992 or there abouts, now so 12 years later accounts that were involved and closed during this bankruptcy still appear on Bank files. online banking, bankcards as such. Now the past week, when dealing with a new manger at the branch for the first time, therefore she knew nothing of me, but after checking my counts, expressed concerns that the bank lost 2500. on the old account. My concern is that this being my first bankruptcy, I was under the impression that the Ontario bankruptcy laws after 7 years or so clears the debts filed under the bankruptcy and we are provide a new start with a clean slate. As I’m certain this is of concern to many out there like myself. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thanks kindly


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, Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said:

This seven year rule applies to the credit bureau, at the seven year mark your credit bureau information is automatically purged, therefore the notion of a clean slate. However, each institution you have ever been involved with keeps their own records and will have their own history. These records belong to the institution and there is no way to force them to purge this information from their system. As a result of this I always encourage people to start a new account with an institution they have never banked with previously so they truly can have that “fresh start.”

However, if you do continue to use institutions that were included in your bankruptcy, if they ever bring up old accounts that were written off simply take responsibility for it. Explain the circumstances surrounding your bankruptcy and help them to recognize that the circumstances you were facing 12 years ago have changed substantially and understand that those unfortunate circumstances are behind you and why they are never going to cause you the same level of difficulty in the future.

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