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Bankruptcy Trustee in Stony Plain, AB

If you have an overwhelming debt problem and think that you may be headed in the direction of a bankruptcy, then our friendly and understanding trustees at Cameron Okolita Inc. can help.

At Cameron Okolida Inc. we are a regionally based and federally Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm that is proud to have helped thousands of Western Canadians, just like you, find the correct solution to their money problems.

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Our Mission Statement:
“Our Pledge is to help residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan get through their challenges and to provide clear, concise and easy to understand information about bankruptcy and other options. While always offering practical solutions tailored to suit your needs.”

Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options in Stony Plain

With over 50 years of trustee experience, and a staff that truly cares about helping people, we know that at Cameron Okolita Inc. we can help you find the correct solutions to finally resolve your current financial burdens.

Let us help you get a fresh financial start. For information on Bankruptcy and the alternatives to bankruptcy, in the Stony Plain area of Alberta, simply contact us at Cameron Okolita Inc. We can be reached locally at 1-855-677-5514. Or, if it is more convenient, simply email us using the form supplied.