Will moving to New Brunswick protect my wages?

November 13th, 2014 by Questions

I am middle of many law suits. Have just claimed corporate bankruptsy, which creditors meeting is this Friday and I think will be ugly. Have 2 recission orders franchise law so will go personal plus 2 other lawsuits which I think present fraud case. Really have minimal personal debt but all these lawsuits . 2 of which will present fraud. So pulling personal bakruptsy iam sure won’t help. What to do go start new life in New Brunswick never own a house in my name. And when after all these lawsuits get judgement or before for optics and ami immune to wage garnishment there.

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, Doug Stuive, CA | Trustee | CIRP said:

Without knowing more about your situation it is difficult to provide you with any specific direction regarding whether a personal bankruptcy is needed or will be helpful to your situation. If the sum of your debt represents judgements obtained against you for proven fraud on your part, it is likely that these debts would survive your bankruptcy. If you would end up still being responsible for the majority of your debts for that reason perhaps a bankruptcy is not a good solution. Again, without more information it is difficult to say.

It is true that at this time wage garnishments are not permitted in the province of New Brunswick. So if your creditors obtain judgement and you are residing in New Brunswick they would most likely not be able to garnishee your wages.

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