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Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Q&As

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My spouse and I received a letter of for closer, the mortgage is about $60,000, and a line of credit for $63,000, the pay out is $127,000. The property is worth $170,000. What are our options to keep from loosing the house/property? Posted from: Manitoba

what would be better a consumer proposal or bankruptcy? the bank froze my account because i owe CIBC Visa about 8000.00, i also owe 14000.00 to TD visa and 19000.00 to PC Master card. would appreciate any suggestions. Posted from: Saskatchewan

If I file for a debt management program, does it show up that i did so on my credit report? Does it affect my credit rating/score? Its important for future job oppportunities that may do a credit check (becoming very common these days). Posted from: Ontario

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