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Received credit report and one creditor still showing

I am looking into buying a home finally and i have purchased my creditscore/ credit report from equifax. I included my creditor in my bankruptcy when I applied but after looking into my discharge papers it shows that the claim status of the creditor is “not proved” does this mean it was not included in the bankruptcy?

It is still showing on my credit report as written off but with a balance owing. Not quiet sure what to make of this but equifax has informed me it is effecting my credit score there for its not showing it was a part of my bankruptcy tho I did include it.

Please Help!

Posted from: Prince Edward Island

One Response to “Received credit report and one creditor still showing”

A licensed trustee said...

You may try contacting the trustee that handled your bankruptcy, but it will be more productive to contact the creditor directly. Send them a copy of your bankruptcy notice, your discharge and the Final Statement of Receipts and Disbursements. If they don’t correct your report you will have to either resort to the Equifax dispute system or hire lawyer to send the creditor a letter threatening legal action.