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I declared bankrupty in june 2009 and was discharged in aug 2010, my taxes we done by my trustee for the period stated for my bankruptcy.
I went to do my taxes for this year and they wouldnt allow me to. they said that my trustee had to file it. Does this mean that if I receive any monies back for this tax year my trustee will get it or do I get it?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “susie”

A licensed trustee said...

If you filed for bankruptcy in 2009 then your trustee was required to prepare your 2009 PRE and POST bankruptcy returns. Your trustee was not required to file your 2010 return – likely the tax preparer has made a mistake (or just doesn’t understand the law). You may have someone other than your trustee prepare the 2010 and unless you specifically signed your 2010 refund over to your trustee, you will get to keep the refund…