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We have filed for bankruptcy and have been discharged. We keep getting phone calls from money mart and they are trying to say we have to repay them. It was included in bankruptcy, discharged and money Mary didn’t dispute it to the trustee. How can we stop them from harassing us?

Posted from: Alberta

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A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem with payday loan companies. For whatever reason many payday loan companies feel that bankruptcy laws don’t apply to them – they are of course quite wrong.

First option: hire a lawyer to tell them “go away”. If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer then the second option is to send them a registered letter requiring them to cease their collection actions and proceed to take you to Court. In Court you will be asked to show proof of the bankruptcy and your discharge – once the Court sees those documents the matter should be settled. You also have the right to ask the Court to force the payday loan company your “costs” for the hearing.