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After Bankruptcy: Answers to Questions

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I had a deactivated credit card I forgot to disclose with my trustee (I had no credit card debts with this or any other cards), can I be fined or my bankruptcy disolved because of this? I only discharged a student loan (over 7 yrs old). What if I used the card again? Posted from: […]

My husband and I had gone bankrupt in Aug/07 I was discharged in June/o8 He was discharged in Dec/08 as it was his second time. We paid off our Bankruptcy in Aug/08.In Jan/08 my husband had to apply for Cpp disability after 2 & a half years they have just informed us they have excepted […]

If I co-sign for a loan and the person i co-signed for wants to claim bankrupsy. Do I have to claim bankrupsy to? Posted from: Saskatchewan

I will be going to court to obtain money for property my ex sold that she should not have and for my 1/2 of the sale of our home. If I file for bankruptcy can I continue with the court case and what happens when/if I am awarded any money? Posted from: Ontario

If I get a settlement from a car accident after I have filed for bankruptcy (approximately a year later) will money be taken away from my settlement because I have filed for bankruptcy? Posted from: Ontario

Long story short due to multple shortfalls and issues with the trustee and in turn my husband not following through better he did not receive discharge for a bankruptcy filed 6.5 years ago due to non completion of requirements. Does the seven year debt rule apply to this situation? If no what must he do […]

I had a student loan dating 1997, I went back to school in 2005. I have declared bancruptcy and thought the loan from 1997 would be discharged as I am not profiting from that course. The bank states that my end of study date is 2005, therefore I am still responsible for the 1997 loan, […]

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