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income tax

Are you able to e-file your income taxes after you are discharged from bankruptcy or do you have to send a paper copy in. If so why is that?

Posted from: Alberta

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A licensed trustee said...

You may not e-file your tax returns for the year in which you file bankruptcy. For example, if you filed bankruptcy Jun 1, 2010 then you cannot e-file your 2010 return.

One of the reasons you cannot do this is because in the year you file bankruptcy you actually have two tax returns. One covers the period from Jan 1 until the date you file bankruptcy and is called the Pre-bankruptcy return. The second covers the period from the day after you file bankruptcy until Dec 31 and is called the Post-bankruptcy return. Your trustee will prepare both of these returns on your behalf to insure they are prepared properly (it is part of the process and included in your costs).