Pre-bankruptcy Bill

I have just been discharged from bankruptcy and still have an outstanding payment for a bill that was pre-bankruptcy. It is a hwy 407 bill. Does this go away or do I have to pay it?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Pre-bankruptcy Bill”

A licensed trustee said...

It depends on who you ask – a trustee will tell you it is dischargeable by bankruptcy. The 407 will tell you it is not and stop you from renewing your plates or your licence if it is not paid.

The simply fact is that the lawyers at the 407 have advised their client that their debts survive bankruptcy. To date, no one has challenged that in Court. Until some takes them to Court oiver this the 407 will continue to ignore the law.

Before you ask – a trustee can’t take them to Court – it needs to be a bankrupt and so far no bankrupt has been able/willing to foot the bill.