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Bankrupcy caution on title of house

My ex-husband filed bankruptcy after we separated and was discharged nine months later. In the divorce the family court wants to transfer the house to me. What will happen with the interest that remains on the house title if the transfer is made to me and how long can it remain on the title to the house? Can the trustee collect from me if I sell the house even though I did not go bankrupt years later? There is considerable equity in the house. Can the interest ever be taken off the title?

Posted from: Saskatchewan

One Response to “Bankrupcy caution on title of house”

A licensed trustee said...

If your ex filed before you went to Family Court for a divorce then I don’t think the Family Court has the right to transfer the house to you. I’m not a lawyer, but when your ex filed bankruptcy his interest in the house was transferred to the bankruptcy trustee and you’re not divorcing the trustee…

This is something for your lawyer and the bankruptcy trustee to sort out.