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Will bankruptcy affect getting hired for new job at bank

I am applying for a job at a bank and will be licensed to sell stocks to customers. I declared bankruptcy 14 years ago and have had excellent credit since. If the bank does a credit check will they be able to see this bankruptcy and if so will it affect my ability to be hired for the job?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Will bankruptcy affect getting hired for new job at bank”

A licensed trustee said...

The bankruptcy is not likely to still be on your credit report, BUT most financial institutions ask “have you ever filed an assignment in bankruptcy?” as part of their application/interview process. If you ever have then the answer will always be “yes” regardless of whether or not it still appears on your credit report. If you don’t disclose the bankruptcy and anything goes wrong with you position in the future, the bank could use that lie to terminate you without cause and/or commence legal action depending on the nature of the “future problem”. Be careful what you do…