credit checks and background checks?

August 12th, 2009 by Questions

During and after my bankruptcy, what information can people access about it when they do a credit check or background check?

I assume it will show the bankruptcy on there, but does it tell them how much you went bankrupt for and other personal info like that? What will show up?

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, A licensed trustee said:

During your bankruptcy all of the debts that were included in your bankrutpcy (assuming the lender is a member of the credit bureau) will still be displayed on your credit report. They will alos be graded an R9 – whihc is the code used to denote a debt has been included in a bankruptcy.

Once you’ve been discharged the fact that you filed for bankrutpcy may be displayed in the legal section of your credit report for up to 6 additional years. The individual debts will be listed until the creditors report that they have been discharged by the bankruptcy (a few months anyway…).

If you’d like a more detailed answer you should contact the credit bureaus directly and ask them for their polcies regarding bankruptcy and disclosure.

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