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RRSP Contribution and deduction after bankruptcy

I was discharged from bankruptcy back in February of 2008 and last year my income tax was filed for me from my trustee (for the 2007 year). This year I need to do my own. I am thinking of contributing to my RRSP but would like to know what my contribution limit (18%) actually is. I know how much I did back in 2008 so do I do 18% of that and get my number?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “RRSP Contribution and deduction after bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

Your RRSP limit for 2008 should appear on the bottom of your 2007 Notice of Assessment for the POST bankruptcy period. If you don’t have a copy call and ask your trustee for one. If you don’t want to speak to your trustee you can call CRA directly on their 800 line and one of the officers can look it up for you.