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undischarged bankruptcy

I pursued bankruptcy and was told I needed to pay $419/mth in surplus income which for me was too much to pay. I could`nt because soon after I had some personal troubles. My 9 mths has ended on April/2008. All I paid is $200 in total. I did the credit couselling and budgets etc. The trustee/company has not communicated to me at anytime nor responded to my queries. I have $25000 student loan with a toal debt of about $50000. I want to be discharged how do I proceed to do this. What are my options? I need help with this…I`m really scared and living depressed.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “undischarged bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

I’m lad you want to deal with your bankruptcy – you need to contact the trustee that has been handling the file and ask them what you are required to do to complete the process. You can apply directly to the Court for your discharge, BUT the Court will require a report from your trustee detailing what it is that you are required to do… in other words you may as well go speak to your trustee (it will save everyone some time).