prize win after discharge

If discharged on the 1st of Jan and won prize on the 2nd of Jan — can trustee sieze cash and/or prize for creditors if prize was awarded after discharge date?

Posted from: British Columbia

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A licensed trustee said...

The critical date is not when the prize was actually awarded. The critical date is when you were entitled to collect it.

For example, a lottery draw is held September 1, you are discharged from bankruptcy on September 2, and you go and collect your prize September 3. This prize belongs to your trustee (for your creditors) as you could have collected it on Sep 1 while you were still a bankrupt.

If you find yourself in this position I strongly suggest you contact your trustee yourself – if they find out about you winning on their own then the Court might question you motives in not disclosing it…

If you won the prize after your discharge then it’s not an issue – the prize is yours!