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My Ex had a credit card in which she was the sole card holder although my signature was on the agreement too. After our divorce she filed for bankruptcy and in it named the above mentioned card and its total amount owing. She obliged the bankruptcy and was legally discharged after making all due payments and requirements. Now this said credit card company is coming after me for the amount owing on this account. Is this legal ? and if so what can I do now?
Thank you

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “Mr.Novak”

A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately if you signed the original app then you were/are a co-borrower on the account. Even though your ex has filed for bankruptcy, the credit card company has the right to try and collect the debt in full from the co-borrower (you!).

Even if you and your ex divided up the debts as part of your divorce, the divorce order can’t change the fact that you were a co-borrower. Sorry, but you likely have to repay this debt.