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how long will I remain bankrupt

I am in the final stages of divorce. My wife makes 70,000 a year and I am on pension for $35,000. The lawyers are telling me I have to pay half of my pension which I have not received yet. I will have to claim bankruptcy. For sure she will object. If she objects to my discharge after 9 months, how long will I remain bankrupt?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “how long will I remain bankrupt”

A licensed trustee said...

There are no set term limits on “opposed” bankruptcies. If a creditor feels that you should not be discharged in 9 on ths they have the right to ask the Court to set conditions (things you must do) in order to be discharged.

The Court has a great deal of lattitude on what they may decide to do with you – each case is considered on its own merits. Having said that, you should contact a trustee in your area and ask them what sorts of “discharge orders” the local Courts typically give when creditors oppose.