After bankruptcy

I recently received my discharge from personal bankruptcy. At this point I`d like to run a small business and see where that goes. How long does one have to wait after discharge before they can run/operate a business? I thought I read somewhere the time was two years, I hope that`s not so though. And if that`s the case, could that time be reduced if a person can receive government grants to help start their business. I know for reasons I won`t get in to I`m eligible for some grants, but I don`t want to do nothing or start planning anything until I know my restrictions if there are any now that I`ve been discharged. Thanks.

Posted from: Ontario

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Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. – Bankruptcy Trustees said...

There is no restriction on running a business or being self employed once you are dicharged. It is only when you are still in bankruptcy that you have certain restrictions placed upon yourself, once discharged the only thing that may limit you is the informaiton about bankruptcy that is listed with the credit bureau.