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Let`s assume that I have filed for bankruptcy in Ontario. During that time, I was not working. I did everything that the trustee requested of me. I fulfilled my duties.

I then received my discharge papers on May 1 (example).

What happens if I start to work on May 2nd. Can or will my discharge be reversed, and will I have to pay anything, as I now have surplus income. ?


This is a great web-site and you have helped many with your Q&A. Much appreciated.

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

If you have complied with everything that was requested (i.e. filed your monthly income and expense statements, attended your counselling sessions, made your necessary payments and provided all the required tax info) and then received your discharge. Begining to work after discharge will have no impact. The surplus income is calculated while your in bankruptcy (i.e. prior to discharge) and is measured each month during the bankruptcy, not after.