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records of bankruptcy

Once a person`s bankruptcy has been dischared and removed from their credit report, are there still records of this available anywhere? If so, what records contain this information, and who has access to it? For example, can a prospective employer look up this information?

One Response to “records of bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

The fact that you filed for bankruptcy remains on permanent record with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Anyone willing to pay the fee can go on-line and do a serch on a person’s name and birthday to see whether or not they have ever filed for bankruptcy. That being said, I have never heard of an employer ever doing so…

Here’s something to keep in mind, just because the fact that you filed for bankruptcy drops off your credit report after 6 years doesn’t negate the fact that you did file. If someone ever asks you directly “have you ever filed for bankruptcy?” the answer will always be yes (if you ever have).