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liberation absolue de la faillite

My husband and I had a joint bankruptcy, we were discharge in 02-08, we both received a copy of equifax report. On my report, it say da of discharge 02-08, comment: absolute discharge of bankruptcy but that comment does not appear on my husband report. Why? and is it important

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

When it comes to the credit bureau unfortunately the reasons are not well understood. In practice we find that the credit bureau’s will often make mistakes or report different things in similar circumstances. Which is clearly happening to you.

So can you do anything about it. You definatly can contact the credit bureau and add this comment to your report, we all have the ability to do this and probably isn’t a bad idea just to make things more clear. However it is not required and is questionable if it will have any impact at all. The creditors often focus more on the other content in that document not the comment, but it can be useful should then simply give the document a quick cursory glance.