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I am discharge from bankruptcy since January 2008. I had a registered business
and I usualy paid my suppliors with my credit card. Two months prior to bankruptcy I paid one of my supplior $900.00 (when I filed for bankruptcy, all pmts to my creditor were paid in time, no default paiements) Today the credit card cie. want me to reimburse that amount. Do I have to pay it, do creditor have a limit time to claim for anything..I tough after my discharge I could finaly relax


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, A licensed trustee said:

Any large purchase that was made in the 3 months before you file may be subject to review. In order to compel you to repay this debt, the credit card company must demonstrate to the Court that you deliberately made the charge knwoing that you were about to file for bankruptcy.

If the credit card company can convince the Court you knew what you were doing then you may be ordered to repay the debt. If this was a normal transaction on your account it may be difficult to prove…

So, if you don’t feel you did anything inappropriate tell the credit card company you do not intend to pay the debt unless ordered to do so by the Court. If you know you shouldn’t have made the charge becuase you had already decided to file for bankruptcy then you may want to agree to pay it – or offer them partial payment.

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