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After Bankruptcy: Answers to Questions

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We filed bankruptcy last year and are still waiting for our 2006 tax returns to be processed (the pre-return, filed in April has finally been processed, and we`ve been told it`s up to another 20 weeks for the post-return to be processed). I knew it took a long time to process the tax returns, but […]

After the absolute discharge has been signed by the court, why does the court hold it for 10 days prior to sending it back to the trustee?

I had a bankruptcy (discharged) and then unfortunately, had another one in 1995 which was discharged in Sep 1997. Both were absolute discharges. AFTER the second bankruptcy they changed the laws to it staying on my credit report for 14 years AFTER the discharge of the 2nd bankruptcy; so, although I have a great Beacon […]

Just wondering–if a person files bankruptcy in Canada, would that information carry over to their credit history/info in the US? Would it be accesible to potential US creditors?

I have done a search and this person is not discharged but `suspended`. What does suspended mean? Thank you

Hi, my wife whom i am separated from but am still in the process of working on getting back together has claimed bankcruptcy for monies she borrowed in her name alone. There is though a $20 000.00 line of credit in which we both signed for about 6 years ago. We used the money and […]

I am considering personal bankruptcy to be rid of credit card debt of about $20,000. I`ve spoken to a trustee already and have been advised that this is the best option for me and that I certainly qualify. That being said, my spouse and I are concerned that we won`t be able to get a […]

I read somewhere that a person should never ever open an account at a bank that he owed money to before he went bankrupt, because even after that person was discharged, that bank still has the right of set off. Is that true?. By the same token, if the above is true, can CRA withhold […]

I filed for bankruptcy in 1998 and was discharged in 1999. The reason for bankruptcy was a judgement against me by an insurance company. Recently I was contacted by this insurance company and they said now they can come after me again for the money. Is this true? I am just begining to rebuild my […]

The bank through a collection agency states that we owe an overdraft dated back three years ago when we had entered bankruptcy. This overdraft was created by the bank when they debited the account for a payment on a debt that was covered on our liabilties list. They say that because we used the account […]

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