GST payments

Our bankruptcy has been discharged and I understand that our trustee will receive our GST cheques for this year. They have already told us that our account is in good standing, and we will be issued a cheque in the spring for the total amount they`ve received (good news!).
What I wonder is, does the government know when to stop sending GST cheques to the trustee? Does the trustee have to let the government know when to stop, or do we have to? I`m a little nervous about the `little details` post-bankruptcy…

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

The government will automatically update their records once you have been discharged. The trouble is that it isn’t immediately after so in practice we often find one or two extra cheques are sent to your Trustee’s office.

While each different Trustee will have slightly different practices, what most will do is simply forward that cheque on to you. To confirm this you can check with your trustee.