Bankruptcy Budget Sheets

I`m 4 months into my bankruptcy and I believe I was given the whole blurb about how things are kept confidential with the Trustee and all that stuff. But I`m wondering are a bankrupt`s creditors allowed to see his/her budget sheets, that way, they (the creditors) along with the trustee know where the bankrupt`s money is going? And if they`re allowed to do that, can they do so every month or only when it`s near the time of discharge? Please let me know. Not trying to hide anything, just want to know who has access to that info.
access to that info.

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Technically speaking your creditors have access to any aspect of your file as long as they give the trustee ‘reasonable notice’, this includes the monthly budget statements.

Practically speaking very rarely dos a creditor request to see your budget sheets and the trustee doesn’t provide a copy of these statements or even a summary of the information contained unless it is requested by the creditors.