Debt Settlement after Bankruptcy

I have just recently received my certificate of discharge, and am in the process of paying off other debts that weren`t able to be added to my list for bankruptcy.

I have this vehicle that was least, but was in the process of me buying it out, and i had one last payment that was due back in Jan 07. I unfortunately had to claim bankruptcy before then, and my trustee said I wasn`t able to add this vehicle to it. Which was okay with me.

They haven`t contacted me through out my 9 months, and now that I have called them to see what was going on, they were telling me since that last payment was over due, and it has somewhat been a year from that last contract settlement, they would like to charge me the full amount again.

We negotiated, and brought it down to an agreed amount, even though it is more than my last payment that was due, but I`m trying to see it as interest accumulated for the 11 months.

But can they really bully me and demand me to make the payments how they want to receive it, cause I have been telling them when I can make the payments, but it feels like they are bullying me to rush it, when I simply and provenly don`t have the money that right of a way?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

If you haven’t completed the contract the leder i sin contol. If you don’t cooperate or negotiate a reasonable alternative they will seize the vehicle.