About Pierre Roy & Associés

Pierre Roy & Associés is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with offices throughout the Greater Montreal Area. The firm has been helping Quebecers dealing with debt get back on their feet quickly since 1990.

If you are tired of struggling with debt such as credit card debt, personal loans, car loans or mortgage, we have solutions that can be tailored according to your situation.

Our team of Financial Reorganization Advisors can meet with you – free of charge – and will take the time to analyze your financial situation: your budget, your assets, and your debts. This free consultation will give us the chance to discuss the best way for you to get debt free while protecting your assets.

Our firm specializes in consumer insolvency and we have helped thousands of Quebecers to get through this difficult situation you might be in. We know how stressful debt is and that’s why we are the professionals you need to contact to regain peace of mind.