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Archive for the ‘What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada’ Category

Can a person in bankruptcy still be a trustee of a family estate?

If I am insolvent and considering bankruptcy, can I move to a more favourable province to improve my situation in a bankruptcy?

If I declare bankruptcy do I lose my RRSP?

I got a letter from the bank stating they will repo my house if we don’t pay our debt in full which we cant. We are considering bankruptcy, will we lose our home?

Three years ago a relative was injured badly in an auto accident that was not his fault. He has received no compensation to date – only some medical expenses(?). He is not able to earn an income due to his injuries. Somehow he negotiated an auto loan (with no income!) in which he has tens […]

I have a new vehicle (ford credit loan) as I need to travel to a different province for my medical (wcb) problems and I need something that is reliable in winter and summer. is it possible that I can keep my vehicle and still file bankruptcy?

Do medical/dental benefit repayments count as surplus income? Example: I spend $100 on eye glasses and submit the receipt to benefits who then reimburse the cost. Will the reimbursement of my initial expense count as surplus income?

I am thinking of going bankrupt. My husband has health problems and can’t work like he used to on his construction business. We owe a lot of money and will never be able to pay it all. I also put in a claim for Critical Insurance for my husbands heart attack and I am wondering […]

My ex and I own a rental property together that is in danger of making myself and her go bankrupt. But my wife and I own a home that we live in. If the worst happens and I go bankrupt, will my wife and I lose our home?

I have a huge debt owing with Canada revenue…i cannot afford wage garnishes…what can i do…i cannot get a loan from the bank that they are suggesting…i have sent them a letter from the bank confirming this…iam afraid of what can happen to me and i need some help on what to do??/

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