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When dealing with major stressors such as divorce or medical issues, debt is often an undesirable factor. Bankruptcy Canada and our partners at the MNP Limited Welland understand how stressful these types of circumstances can be and are here to help.

Meet Our Welland Licensed Insolvency Trustee & Estate Manager

In order to help Canadians faced with unmanageable debt, we have partnered with leading industry professionals including those at the MNP Limited Welland location. With their help they can support anyone faced with debt with the means to overcome their financial situation and credit concerns.

Doug Stuive, Welland, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Doug Stuive, CA, Trustee, CIRP

Shauna Jennings, Estate Manager

Shauna Jennings, Estate Manager

In addition they can resolve financial issues with many solutions, including:

1. Filing for bankruptcy
2. Credit counseling
3. Filing a consumer proposal

The MNP Limited professionals in Welland recognize the position that you may be in financially, and are prepared to resolve those troubles. Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Doug Stuive or Financial Advisor Shauna Jennings are available to meet with you in person in Welland, ON.

The first step to getting you on your way to being debt free is by making an appointment for your first free, confidential, and no-pressure consultation. During this meeting, our partners will explain all of your options to you, and can then guide you through the process of your best solution. Knowing your options and having the necessary information to make and educated decision is the strongest way to achieve relieving your debt.

With a high level of experience and knowledge in the bankruptcy industry, the MNP Limited Bankruptcy Welland trustees have helped thousands of individuals in situations just like yours. They are here to support and guide you through these financial crises.

Together, we can help you relieve the financial stress you’re currently experiencing and give you the financial management skills needed to avoid problems in the future.

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