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cra told my trustee they will contest. i’ve been making $5000/month til now only $4200/month. we are 4. wife got contract temporary job~1000/month. cost of living we find to be so much higher than guidelines. paying $275/biweekly to trustee. i mentally can’t imagine not being approved in January coming up (21 months). i owe~110000. I’m […]

If I have filed for Bankruptcy and it hasn’t been finalized yet and due to my lost job I may need to file again , which is better – to file before the original has been finalized ( due to payments and final confirmations , it has been 2 and half years now ) or […]

My husband and I were a couple of years into a consumer proposal when we lost our home due to foreclosure . We then filed for bankruptcy, went through the counselling classes but we’re unable to keep up with the payments that were set out as they were over $1000 per month. The trustee discharged […]

Hi! I filed for bankruptcy several years ago, but never went through with it due to personal reasons. I just want to know what I can do to resolve this issue. I also haven’t done my taxes since then and I really want to file them. If you can give me any suggestions of what […]

We filed in 2004, however we were not discharged , we are interested in getting it cleared up now and wondered if we can pay the creditors to get discharged or if we have to re-file the bankruptcy and go through the process

Can a garnishment order be served upon a Trustee who holds the funds of a bankrupt for their Principal Residence Exemption by a Judgment Creditor who the bankrupt owes money from a court judgment?

Jillian Taylor of LC Taylor Trustee Talk #102 - Jillian Taylor Discussing Debt Issues Affecting Canadians Let's get started with a formal introduction, you can give me your full name, business name, and website address. My name is Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, I am a Trustee and Bankruptcy and Managing Partner at LCTaylor. Our company website is Okay, how long have [...]

I have filed for bakruptcy and my normal salary does not create any surplus income. However, I am expecting a year end bonus from my employer which will cause surplus income for just one month. Does that mean I can’t have my bankruptcy discharged in 9 months?

Awhile back I had to be hospitalized in the USA while on vacation. My travel insurance has refused to pay for my claim and now I am on the hook for the whole amount to the USA hospital. If I go bankrupt in Canada would it include the amount I owe in the USA?

Hello, For the purpose of determining the surplus income limit during bankruptcy, I need to know my family size. I am divorced, and my son lives with me 50% of the time. I pay child support, but it is offset based on what my ex would pay me. Am I a family size of 1 […]

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