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I owe some money to the government as well as creditors, does bankruptcy eliminate money owed to the government?

Can anyone explain surplus income? The calculations online don’t seem to leave a family of 4 much to live on after expenses. Can anyone explain how it works after car/mortgage payments and all the monthly stuff?

I have recently filed for bankruptcy about 6 months ago. I was able to keep my truck but now am realizing I can no longer afford it. Am I able to add it on to my bankruptcy debt or what are my options

Can you change trustees during a bankruptcy?

I have two homes in Saskatchewan one we were in the process of building to live in and we were going to sell the other. We had a mortgage on the first and the second one we had a loan to build based on the value of the one we lived in. Unfortunately personal circumstances […]

I immigranted to Canada a couple of years ago and it looks as though I will have to claim bankruptcy in my home country. Will declaring bankruptcy in Ireland affect my credit record here in Canada? I am a permanent resident of Canada in case that will make a difference. Thank you.

When filing personal Bankruptcy, can we keep our car and what happens if have RRSP? PLS help….thank you

Man facing bankruptcy

Not only individual Canadians, but also those holding themselves out as advisors to consumers in financial distress, often fail to explore a comprehensive approach to addressing debt problems.Mark Silverthorn, former collection lawyer and collection industry insider The purpose of this series of articles is to explore the various strategies that a Canadian can use to […]

I am in the middle of an 2nd bankruptcy, last expense form I will fill out is Aug 2015. I just received a non-economic loss cheque from WSIB claim for a permanent impairment to my hands. “Do I have to report this on my income statement to the trustee?” I ask because it did state […]

I’m looking for answers of how to determine the calculation of surplus income including pensions. Unfortunately bankruptcy is going to be inevitable in my situation. I have not spoken to a trustee. Not retired I only receive a employee pension, CPP and OAS as my sole household income. Combined, the pension amounts exceeds the 2015 […]

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