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Awhile back I had to be hospitalized in the USA while on vacation. My travel insurance has refused to pay for my claim and now I am on the hook for the whole amount to the USA hospital. If I go bankrupt in Canada would it include the amount I owe in the USA?

My husband and I went bankrupt in April 2015. Before bankruptcy I saved $900 towards a trip to England to see my father which I declared at the time of bankruptcy. The Trustee told me I could use the money for the trip but I would have to repay it back. We are now 6 […]

Hi, I am wondering how luxury purchases on credit cards 6 months prior to filing for bankruptcy would appear? I took a vacation about 5 months ago, and made some large purchases about 6 months ago, I have been making payments since, but have been unemployed I assumed I would be able to pay off […]

What if I work for one of my creditors? I work for a bank, to which I owe money. What are the repercussions for me professionally if I file for bankruptcy or file a consumer proposal?

I am a Canadian citizen living in the US and I have two credit cards that have become impossible to manage. As a US resident, is it possible to file Canadian bankruptcy on Canadian credit card debt?

Hi, I am wondering in Newfoundland how a matrimonial home works, If one spouse declares bankruptcy and was never on the title of the home but lived there would they have to claim it as an asset if there name is not on the title?

I am 5-years into my personal bankruptcy and, while I was able to keep my home at the time of Discharge due to low equity, I am now faced with a huge home repair bill. On top of my monthly mortgage payment I will be unable to keep up payment. As I am still in […]

If I declare personal income is my spouse’s income taken into account in anyway?

Line of credit carrying the name of both, my ex-husband and I. According to our divorce agreement, he is solely responsible to pay it off, yet the bank won’t remove my name from it. What it will happen with it in the context of declaring bankruptcy?

I have gone bankrupt twice once due to divorce and once due to illness what happens if i go bankrupt for a third time because of loss of work and reduced income in new employment

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