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I was involved in 2 court actions against me. One in children’s aid court and another in small claims court. The family court endorsed a court order against me for approx. $10,000. The small claims court ordered me to pay $30,000. Can I claim bankruptcy to avoid paying these 2 court orders? Or this individual….it’s […]

A superior court of justice final order after trial states cost order collectable as child support. Does this order survive the bankruptcy. Any relevant sections?

I had incurred line-of-credit debt. This was 9 years ago, and I have been away from Canada (I had to return home for reasons beyond control). I would like to come back to Canada and am not sure on how to proceed. It is not likely that I will have a job for a while, […]

If an individual is allowed $12,000 or $9,000 equity in a residence in B.C. does equity double if both spouses go bankrupt? Posted from: British Columbia

I owe revenue Canada 30 thousand dollars or more spreading out over 5 or 6 years. I have payments I make every month but is getting harder and harder to make! And just trying to keep up living with some income for myself is hard I’m at the point either eat this month or send […]

I was born in Canada. I am considering bankruptcy in BC. My late husband and I filed chapter 7 in the United States which ended 10 years ago. I returned to Canada 7 years ago. I owe $17,000 on an RBC credit card and $15,000 on a RBC line of credit. Must I declare my […]

I have been in bankruptcy for 2.5 months and I am having second thought’s. This is my second time filing. Also I am unemployed and cannot keep up with the monthly payments that I need to give to the trustee. Is there a way to annul or withdraw my bankruptcy? if so, how? Posted from: […]

I am a full time farmer and looking at filing bankruptcy. I do not have any other job. I owe a large debt on my property as well to other creditors. Is it true I maybe able to keep my property due to me being a full time farmer filing for bankruptcy? Posted from: British […]

What if you unintentionally committed a bankruptcy offense, meaning you honestly didn’t know about it? If a loan or credit lender says they will check your credit report you assume they checked it and know you are bankrupt. So you didn’t “tell” them as the rule states. But you never knew about the rule? Also […]

Does the fact that my parents are my landlords affect my bankruptcy agreement/terms? Posted from: Ontario

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