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Credit score

I filed a Consumer Proposal in 2009, after realizing that despite all the strategies I had been trying (including buying nothing but the essentials), I soon would not be able to pay all my bills. Like me, some debtors know they are getting into serious trouble even before they miss any bill payments. Others have […]

My sister cosigned a loan for her daughter in order for her to consolidate her debts, her daughter stopped paying on the loan so my sister removed her daughter from the loan and did something ( maybe added it to her mortgage?) So she could have a lower interest on it. My question is , […]

My wife owns 99% of our home and I own 1%. She works and has no debt. I am deeply in debt and will probably have to file for bankruptcy. Will she have to pay anything or will it affect our home?

Is CPP owed from being self employed exempt from a bankruptcy?

if you did bankruptcy 5 years ago can you file again?

How many months of bank statements does a trustee require upon filing bankruptcy, if at all?

I have 2 vehicle loans and a mortgage jointly with my ex common law partner, we have been separated for over a year and i am in a position where personal bankruptcy is a great possibility, how does this affect his credit because of the 3 joint loans we have?

can a finance company come to my home and take my not so great furniture and tv,s as I listed as collateral?

Do I qualify for personal bankruptcy? Husband unemployed. His EI ends in December. So far no jobs in the market for me. Working with employment services. Wife in process of qualifying for CPPD. Own house, mortgage currently being paid by mortgage insurance. That will end when EI ends in December. Maxed out on credit cards.

If i want to change trustees can i do that.

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