Bankruptcy Kitchener


Bankruptcy Kitchener

Bankruptcy Canada recognizes that nothing seems manageable when you’re dealing with uncontrollable debt. It’s important to know there are bankruptcy experts in your area available to help guide you to becoming debt free. The first step to becoming debt free is to understand your debt relief options.

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Free Consultations


Without a skilled and knowledgeable Bankruptcy Trustee, your debt can seem overpowering and uncontrollable. Bankruptcy Canada has highly skilled and experienced partner Kitchener, Wesley, who will guide you in developing, planning, and realizing your path out of debt.

Bankruptcy Kitchener trustee Wesley Cowan

Wesley Cowan, Trustee

Bankruptcy Kitchener Estate Manager

Karen Tompkins, Estate Manager

The bankruptcy team in Kitchener is available to set up your initial free, no-pressure, no-obligation consultation. During this initial consultation, you’ll meet with Wesley or a trusted member of his team, to privately review your financial situation and provide you with the necessary information, direction, and alternatives to effectively relieve your debt.

After speaking with the Kitchener bankruptcy team, you will have the essential information about consumer proposals, personal bankruptcy, debt consolidation, debt management, and bankruptcy alternatives to make an informed decision on the best debt relief strategy for you.

If you’re seeking for guidance to help you become debt free and make sense of your debt in a secure, effective, and no-pressure way, visit our bankruptcy partners in Kitchener. They will gladly set up a time for you to come into the office for your free initial consultation.